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Shop For A Men's T-Shirt With A Funny Christmas Message

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When you think about Christmas-themed clothing, you might immediately picture someone who is wearing an ugly sweater. While these garments are extremely popular, they're not the only option for you to wear for a Christmas gathering. If you prefer T-shirts over sweaters but still want to have a fun, festive look, consider shopping for a men's T-shirt with a humorous Christmas-themed design. There are all sorts of funny Christmas T-shirts for men for sale online at sites like MIRYKLE Clothing Co., so you can check out some designs and buy something that makes you laugh — and that you know will make your friends and family laugh, too. Here are some popular designs.

Naughty Or Nice

Around Christmas, a popular point of conversation in families is whether you've been naughty or nice. Given the prevalence of this concept, you'll see a lot of humorous shirts with this theme. For example, you might see a garment that has a message that suggests you've been nice and that your family has been naughty — which means that you should get all their presents. Or, you may find a shirt that says you've been naughty but that you still want a Christmas present. A lot of adults have childhood memories of trying to be nice so that Santa would come, so this type of shirt theme will have a widespread appeal among your peers.


For many adults, eggnog is a favorite Christmas drink — especially when they've added a bit of rum to their glass. The popularity of this drink, particularly at Christmas parties, means that you can expect to see several T-shirt designs with funny eggnog-related messages. For example, one design might suggest that your favorite part of decorating the family Christmas tree is drinking the eggnog while doing so, while another design might playfully suggest that you occasionally overindulge in this holiday beverage.

Christmas Baking

Christmas baking is another popular event around the holidays, with many people getting together with their extended families to bake together. You'll see several humorous T-shirts that have designs that pertain to baking. For example, one shirt may proclaim that you're the official Christmas baking tester — someone who gets to sample each cookie and square to decide whether it's good enough. You can get a laugh by wearing this type of shirt to Christmas parties, especially if there will be a selection of baked goods available for dessert. Alternatively, you might wish to wear it when your family has a baking day.