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Three Women’s Tops to Wear While Fishing

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If you're a woman who is starting to get into fishing, you might be excited to realize just how many clothing options are available for you. There's no need to wear your everyday outfits when you pursue this hobby. Instead, you can shop for some specific garments designed for fishing. Women make up more than one-third of anglers in the United States, which means that many fishing apparel companies have extensive women's clothing lines. When it comes to choosing what top you want to wear for a day on the water, here are some options that you may want.

Sun Shirt

A popular clothing choice for women who fish is a sun shirt. This garment is thin like a conventional T-shirt but has long sleeves. It's designed to limit your skin's exposure to the sun — something that is especially ideal when you're fishing on a boat, as there's no source of shade. Whereas a thicker long-sleeved shirt could be too hot on warm days, a sun shirt's thin material will help you to stay cool. There are all sorts of women's fishing sun shirts on the market, including some that have hoodies and belly pockets.

Collared Button-Up Shirt

If you want to keep your arms covered but favor a different look, a good option to consider is a collared button-up shirt. You'll find several of these shirts from various fishing apparel companies, which will make it easy to choose a design that suits you. The collar helps to keep some of the sunlight off your neck, which can be desirable in hot conditions. The button-up design can help to keep your torso cool as the breeze can freely flow through the gaps between the buttons.


You can't browse the display of women's fishing shirts at any clothing store or website without seeing a selection of T-shirts. This popular type of garment can be a good choice for a variety of fishing outings. If the weather is overcast and you don't need to worry about exposure to the sun on your bare skin, you might favor the light fit of a T-shirt. You'll find these shirts in virtually every color, with both subtle and overt designs that relate to fishing. Garments with V-neck collars and round collars are both available, allowing you to choose your preferred fit. Browse these and other shirt options wherever you shop for women's fishing clothing.