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When Are Metal-Free Belts Best for Your Attire?

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If you wear belts all the time, then you know they usually have metal parts on them where they attach to the loops. They may also have other metal features for adornments and decoration. In contrast, metal-free belts are belts that are made entirely of leather or another durable material and have no metal components at all. They may also have plastic or other hard metal replacements. You can usually find these metal-free belts at your local accessory store or where you buy your ties, socks, cuff links, shoes, and other accessories.

The question then is this: when are metal-free belts best for your attire? When are they preferable to metal belts? Why invest in belts sans metal? This guide will assist you.

1. When you're traveling

Metal-free belts best for traveling are belts that are easy to remove in the event you get searched while checking your bags or before going on or off the plane in the airport. These belts also weigh less than their metal-laden counterparts, which means you can pack more belts in your luggage without weighing down your luggage too much. You will want to make sure you are not wearing metal items in any location where you will be going through a metal detector or have to have your items checked.

2. When you're wanting more natural accessories

Choosing metal-free belts is a great way to accessorize in a more natural way with less bulky items. You can accessorize your outfits with a belt made of hemp or natural grasses, cotton, or even recycled plastics, all metal-free and easy to wear. You can find several styles of metal-free belts, including those that don't even have belt buckled in them, at your local accessories store or specialty belt store.

3. When you're wanting something easy to wear

Sometimes a belt is simply used to keep pants up and you want something that is light and easy and not very noticeable to wear. You can wear thin metal-free belts for this purpose that you can easily cover with a shirt or sweater to complete your look and give you confidence in your silhouette. Costs vary for metal-free belts based on what you're buying, what brand you choose, and other factors and you can buy as many metal-free belts as you wish to accessorize with.

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