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Cool Gifts For The Youth Reader In Your Life

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Some kids love to spend time listening to music or socializing with friends. Others enjoy sports or clubs. But some kids are never happier than they are when they are reading, and the characters in the books become real and important to them. So what gifts, besides more books, could you buy for the avid youth reader in your life? Here are some cool ideas to consider. 

1. Reader apparel.

Some adolescent books have many followers, which leads to clothing and apparel designed after the characters in the books. For example, in the Percy Jackson series centers around a group of teens who are all demigods; their parents are Greek or Roman gods. They gather together in a place called "Camp Half-Blood" and wear shirts that identify themselves as part of the camp. If your teen reader enjoys Percy Jackson books, a "Camp Half-Blood" youth T-shirt might be the perfect gift. You might consider other apparel from popular kids' series, such as a necklace with Hermione's time tuner (from Harry Potter) or a purse depicting a scene from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. 

2. Reader accessories.

If your teen is always spending time reading, why not give them something to make reading a bit easier. You might give them a book light so they can read when it is dark, a supportive pillow to prevent soreness from reading, or a personalized bookmark. If they spend a lot of time going to and from the library, maybe get them a heavy-duty book bag with a quote or picture from their favorite series. 

3. Electronic reading devices.

Some people are die-hard physical book readers, but others like the idea of carrying a small library with them wherever they go. An e-reader is a good gift for someone who reads quickly because they can download an entire series to read on a trip. Electronic versions of books can also be less expensive than those printed on paper. 

4. Tickets to experience characters and authors in real life. 

Large cities usually hold expos where people can go to meet authors, dress as characters, and engage in activities with fellow bibliophiles. Why not provide tickets to one of these events, or get your teen a cool costume to wear? These expos can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet and talk to authors face to face. You might even go with your teen to build memories together.