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Caring For Your Work Boots

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Your work boots can be some of the most abused items of clothing that you may own. This makes it important to have an idea about the types of factors to consider and care to provide for your work boots.

Appreciate The Benefits Of Impact Resistant Boots

For many workers, there will be a high risk of dropping a heavy object on their feet. This can lead to broken bones, muscle and nerve damage, and the potential for permanent disabilities. In instances where serious injury does not occur, your boots may still suffer extensive damage. Opting for impact resistant boots can help to protect you from these hazards as they are reinforced and designed to be better able to withstand the intense force of these impacts.

Keep The Boots As Clean As Possible

Allowing your boots to get extremely dirty can be a major source of wear and tear on them. The soil on the boot exterior can contribute to the leather wearing thin, becoming excessively dry or discoloring. While some individuals will work jobs that make keeping their boots pristine impossible, cleaning them at the end of shifts where they got particularly dirty can help to alleviate this wear and tear.

Use Leather Moisturizers

Leather moisturizers can be another useful tool for preserving and extending the usable life of your boots. As leather ages, it can start to dry out due to the natural oils in it degrading. Moisturizing the boots will replace these oils so that the leather avoids drying. Once leather has suffered excessive drying, it may become extremely stiff, vulnerable to cracking, and uncomfortable to wear. For most boots, moisturizers will only need to be applied every few weeks, but those that work in arid environments may need to use it more frequently.

Properly Store The Boots When They Are Not Being Worn

Whenever you are not wearing the boots, they should be kept in a safe and climate-controlled area. Due to the fact that boots can develop odors, individuals can be tempted to leave their work boots in the garage, but this can greatly increase the amount of wear that the boots sustain due to exposing them to dramatic temperature and humidity swings. If you will not be wearing the boots for an extended time, you should put inserts into the boots to help the area around the toes retain its shape. Without these supports, this part of the boot may gradually start to collapse, which can make the boots less comfortable to wear.

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