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3 Reasons To Wear A Long Sleeve Performance Shirt While Trail Riding

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Horse enthusiasts often enjoy taking their horses into the mountains to experience trail rides. Trail riding allows equestrians to get in touch with nature in a unique and peaceful way. Wearing the right gear can significantly contribute to the comfort of your upcoming trail ride.

Consider wearing a long sleeve performance shirt for maximum protection.

1. Your long sleeve performance shirt will protect you from the sun.

Sun exposure can be detrimental to your health over time. Your body will be exposed to the sun's rays while you are riding along mountain trails, so protecting yourself against sun exposure is critical. A long sleeve performance shirt can provide a barrier between your skin and the sun's UV rays.

You can enjoy the breathtaking views from the back of your horse without worrying about the harmful effects of sun exposure when you wear the right attire while trail riding.

2. Your long sleeve performance shirt will keep you dry.

Despite the fact that your horse will be doing most of the work while trail riding, it is possible for riders to work up a sweat while traveling the trail as well. Temperature fluctuations and direct sun exposure can cause your body temperature to rise.

Many fabrics can become heavy when saturated with moisture. Performance fabrics are designed to keep the body dry by wicking moisture away from the surface of the skin. This characteristic makes long sleeve performance shirts the perfect option for riders hoping to stay cool and comfortable for the duration of a trail ride.

3. Your long sleeve performance shirt will offer support.

Maintaining good posture while sitting in the saddle is important. The abdominal muscles must remain engaged, and the muscles of the back are utilized to provide support to the upper body during each ride.

A quality long sleeve performance shirt can offer targeted compression that will reduce soreness and discomfort following a long trail ride. The compression of the fabric provides support for the muscles in your abdomen and back, allowing them to help you maintain proper posture without experiencing excess muscle fatigue.

A trail ride is only enjoyable if you remain comfortable for the duration of the ride. Wearing a long sleeve performance shirt on your next trail ride will help you stay cool and comfortable while protecting your skin against sun damage. Invest in performance shirts to enhance the quality of your future trail rides.