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What You Need if You're Traveling to NYC for a Ballet Company Audition

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If you're planning on traveling to New York City to audition for one of the cities ballet companies, you are probably super stressed out and spending every minute in the studio practicing. However, you should not forget to plan out your trip to the city. You don't want to get there to run into a whole host of problems that will stress you out even more and could negatively effect your audition. Here are a few things you should plan out or get ready ahead of time.

Hotel in the Right Area

You don't want to get a hotel in an area that is nowhere near where you're auditioning. You will have to take a subway, but you don't want to make unnecessary stops and have to switch and take multiple lines. That is hectic, and not something you want to deal with. So, figure out where you will be auditioning and locate a nearby hotel.

For instance, if you're going to be auditioning at Lincoln Center, then anywhere in Midtown, or the Upper West Side is perfect. You don't want a hotel on the east side because it will be at least two subways to get get to your audition.

Likewise, if you are auditioning at one of the smaller dance companies in Brooklyn (like those in Brooklyn Heights or Boreum Hill) you should try and find a boutique hotel in the vicinity of BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music). If you really want to say in Manhattan, then the best place to stay (if you're heading to Brooklyn for auditions) is in the area around the Financial District.

Subway App for Your Smartphone

No matter how well the subways are designed, you want to have an map app on your smartphone. These will help you out should you end up getting on the wrong train. They can also tell you when the next train is expected on the track. There are a whole bunch of them available, so check them out and get your favorite one before you arrive in the city.

A Rolling Dance Bag

You are not going to be driving around, so you want a good dance bag that can roll. These are great because the studio might be quite a walk from the train station. Also, when the train gets packed, you can set it on the floor instead of having the bag over your arm (which can bump into the person next to you). If you only had a dance bag without rollers and handles, you'd have to just sit on the floor and be nervous someone might grab it. With the rolling dance bag and extended handle design, you can keep your hand on the handle even though the bag is one the floor. You can look up your options through companies like Dazzle Distributors.