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Anchor's Away: Seven Pieces Any Woman Will Want To Pack For Her Cruise

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If you are planning to head out on a cruise or charter, know that space will be limited. Pack thoughtfully, and try to bring versatile pieces that will serve more than one purpose during your vacation. This will allow you plenty of room in your bags for souvenirs when you come home!

Seven things you will want to plan on packing include:

1. Gorgeous under-garments. Bring your most-beautiful underwear, bras, slips, and camis, such as those from Ginch Gonch, for your cruise. These will make you feel pampered and pretty after a day of lounging by the pool or rejuvenating at the spa.

2. Your comfy caftan. If there is one place that a comfy, flowing caftan is made for, it is on a cruise or a boat. These are ideal for coffee on the balcony in the morning, or for lounging in your cabin at night. Look for solid color caftans or those with a motif that will mix-and-match with your other garments.

3. The right shoes. You need to think about the footwear that you are planning to pack; make sure to bring a pair with a closed-toe required for activities such as using the ship's treadmill or going on a zip-lining excursion. Also, bring your favorite pair of heels for any formal dinners, but don't waste a lot of space in your suitcase bringing multiple formal shoes- the ship is far more suited to comfy sandals or flats.

4. A snuggly shawl. Bring a soft shawl that can be used on a ship when the evenings become cool- and you can wrap this around your shoulders, neck, or head when the weather is windy or inclement. Cashmere is a high-quality, super-soft yarn that can be found in shawls, ponchos, or oversized scarves, all perfect for your cruise and easy to take care-of.

5. Simple skorts. Another great item to pack for your trip is a pair of skorts. Skorts are a combination of a short skirt and built-in shorts which can take the place of a slip when dressing up and that provide optimal movement when you are out being active. Look for organic fabrics like cotton or bamboo, which will wash easily and look great!

6. A silk sarong. A sexy, silk sarong is the perfect versatile piece for a cruise. These can be dressed-up with heels for formal night or dinner with the Captain, and this can be a more casual look with your swimsuit at the pool.

7. A beautiful broach. Tuck a beautiful broach in your bag to use as a clip for your sarong or to keep your shawl secured in place. This can also be worn as an accent to any of your outfits, including on your sunhat during the day.

Use these tips and bring these seven pieces along on your vacation; this will ensure that you get the most wear from the fewest items in close or crowded quarters.