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3 Motorcycle Accessories To Consider For Winter Riding

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One of the worst times of year to ride a motorcycle is in the winter, which is why many riders end up putting their bikes away until spring rolls back around. Even in areas that do not get a lot of snow, riding in the winter still means dealing with the discomfort of having very cold air blowing around you as you ride. However, there are a few accessories that you can consider that will actually be able to make winter riding much more comfortable, such as the three listed below.

Heated Clothing

One of the hardest parts about riding in the winter is the fact that most types of riding jackets and pants are not really designed to handle extremely cold temperatures. As a result, you can very quickly find yourself freezing during even mild winter days when you are trying to ride your bike. An easy way around this issue is to consider heated riding gear that can connect to your bike's battery to provide a heating element to your clothing. 

Heated riding gear is available in either a single suit or a separate jacket and pants. Another piece of heated gear to consider is heated gloves. This is very important for winter riding as the cold air striking your hands throughout the ride can easily lead to you having numb hands, which will make it much harder to control your bike and manipulate the handbrake, throttle, or clutch.

Neck Warmer

A big issue for many people when it comes to riding in the winter is that there is often a gap between your helmet and riding jacket which will allow cold air to strike your neck and either flow up into your helmet or down into your jacket. In that situation, a neck warmer is ideal as it is designed to be slipped over your head and fit snugly around your neck to seal off that aforementioned gap.

Waterproof Storage

Finally, you will want to consider a piece of waterproof storage when you are riding in the winter as your bike  will frequently get sprayed with water or snow being kicked up by other vehicles during your rides. In that situation, any items in a standard storage bag or compartment could very easily get wet and become damaged. However, there are storage bags and boxes that you can buy for your bike that are completely waterproof that can protect electronic items or a change of clothes during your pleasure rides or commute to work.

Drop by your local motorcycle accessories dealer today in order to check out the large number of items that can make riding in the winter much more feasible and tolerable. Heated clothing, a neck warmer, and waterproof storage solutions are just a few of the accessories to consider when riding in the winter. Contact a company like Triumph Detroit to learn more.