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5 Features To Look For In Pregnancy Footwear

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During your pregnancy, your entire body will change, including your feet. Because your feet will be supporting extra weight, it is important to purchase appropriate pregnancy footwear. A comfortable pair of shoes can encourage a more active and healthy pregnancy while making you more comfortable in general. Below are some things you should look for in your pregnancy footwear. 

Extra Length and Width

Besides the well-known swelling that occurs with pregnancy, your feet make actually change shape. This is because your body produces hormones that will relax the tendons in your feet, causing them to become wider and longer than before. During pregnancy you may want to opt for extra wide shoes and go a size above your usual shoe size. For the best fit, you should go to a shoe store in the evening and have your feet measured when they are likely to be at the peak of their swelling. 

Arch Support 

As your feet spread out, you may notice that you lose some of your natural arch, which can cause pain in your instep and along your heel. To prevent these sharp pains, you should look for a shoe that has plenty of arch support. The arch should feel snug against your foot, but it should not feel like you are stepping on something. 

Plenty of Tread

As you gain more weight in your abdomen, your center of balance will shift. This can make stumbles and falls more likely, especially during the fall or winter when streets tend to be slick. Make sure you opt for a shoe that has a sturdy sole with a good grip. This will help you keep your balance throughout your entire pregnancy. 

Easy to Put on and Remove 

Over time, you may find that it is uncomfortable to bend down to tie your shoes. For this reason, you may want to opt for slip-on shoes that have buckles, zippers, or elastic as opposed to laces. Putting a bench by your front door to sit on while you put on your shoes can also help reduce your frustration. 


Just because you are pregnant does not mean that you need to lose your sense of fashion. Keeping your attire up-to-date can help you beat the pregnancy blues and enjoy your pregnancy. Look for a pair of shoes that fits your style and makes you feel beautiful. 

Pregnancy shoes should be functional and fashionable. Talk to a women's footwear retailer like Style Enhanced and look for the above five features for the perfect pair of pregnancy shoes.