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Tips For Buying Dress-Style Men's Boots

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If you're a man who lives in an area with cold winters and you dress in formal attire for work, those standard dress shoes aren't going to cut it. Given that you'll often be braving snow, ice and slush on the sidewalks and parking lots around your office, it's a good idea to invest in a pair of dress-style boots. Don't make the fashion faux-pas of wearing ski boots with your suit and then changing into your shoes at the office. With a high-quality pair of dress boots, your feet will be protected from the elements and you'll still look sharp at work. Here are some tips for adding this type of footwear to your collection.

Invest In Leather Uppers

A boot's "upper," which is essentially the part of the boot above the sole, can be made from a wide range of materials. If you have the money, it's a smart investment to get leather uppers. While they cost a little more than their synthetic counterparts, they'll also last significantly longer. Synthetic uppers can often be water resistant to a point, but can also get cracked and worn-looking over time. The staying power of leather uppers is significantly longer, and provided that you treat the leather regularly with special oil, they'll successfully keep the water out and stay looking good.

Opt For Elastic Heel Panels

As you browse boots in your price range, you'll typically find those that have zippers on the sides and those that simply slip onto your feet. The latter tends to be more convenient, as they allow you put them on quickly and without having to sit down. If you're buying slip-on boots, however, make sure that they have elastic heel panels. Most slip-on boots have this feature, which allows the sides of the boots to stretch slightly as you slide your feet inside. Elastic side panels also provide more comfort when you wear the boots for long periods.

Choose Padded Or Non-Padded

Some men's leather dress boots contain a significant amount of padding to keep your feet warm, while others are thinner and lighter in design. Each has its merits, but you'll need to evaluate your expected use of the boots. For example, if you have just a short walk from the parking lot to your office and your feet are prone to sweating, the lighter boots are likely your better choice so that your feet stay comfortable throughout the workday. If you stand at a bus stop, however, padded boots are preferable.

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