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Ditching The Other Feminine Products In Exchange For Period Panties | Is This For Real?

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If there is one thing you can't get out of as a woman, it is having to deal with the monthly visitor brought to you courtesy of Mother Nature and your menstrual cycle. While the norm to contend with the day-after-day of flow that your body produces has been either feminine pads or tampons for a lot of years, there is a relatively new idea taking the feminine product world by storm: period panties. You may have heard about period panties, but if you are like a lot of females, the whole idea just leaves you scratching your head.

Okay, so just what exactly are period panties?

At first mention, period panties may force you to conjure up some kind of image in your mind of something resembling a diaper or some sort of incontinence product. Period panties are an actual pair of panties that have the capability of absorbing discharge when you are on your period, but these do actually look and feel like real panties. The panties are manufactured with several layers with each layer having the responsibility of performing a specific task. For example, the outer layer is created with an ion-infused process to ward off bacterial development.

Are period panties considered a replacement for other feminine products?

Yes, you can buy period panties as a complete replacement for other feminine products in most cases. However, on days when you have a heavy flow or if you have an excessively heavy flow naturally, you may want to use a tampon as well as the panties.

Are the panties disposable?

While there are disposable types of period panties on the market, the traditional period panties are actually not disposable. You simply wear the panties, changing when necessary, and then rinse them and run through a wash cycle with your regular laundry. Most women invest in a few pairs of period panties so they can wear one pair while the other is being laundered.

What are the benefits of using period panties?

the primary benefit of period panties is the idea that you will not have to spend as much on other disposable feminine products. However, these panties are also comfortable, keeping you completely dry because they are super absorbent. The panties are designed to look just like real panties, so you will not be wearing underwear that look or feel abnormal while you are on your period. You can wear the panties at night and stay comfortable while you sleep as well.