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Creating Your Personal Uniform

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Certain high-profile business folks have a not-so-secret approach to the clothing they wear: it's the same outfit every day. Whether their personal uniform consists of khakis and a polo shirt or jeans and a t-shirt, they keep it simple and easy. Women might argue that they face more pressure to "dress up," but black dress pants and a silk shirt could work for them. You can simplify your life and reduce your wardrobe budget if you develop your own low-maintenance work uniform.


Life is complicated, and you are busy. Imagine all the time you will save if you basically wear the same outfit every day. The amount of time you spend shopping would certainly be reduced. When you find what you like, you can buy four or five of the same item, perhaps in different colors, and make your way home. You would waste no time at all picking out an outfit for the next day at work. The time savings are significant, not to mention the reduction in stress.

Comfort and Style

Once you find an outfit that works for you, you will never again be forced to wear something uncomfortable or unflattering to work. You know how hard it is to concentrate when you are wearing an item that makes you feel unattractive. Once you find the right fit and style, you will have more confidence in your appearance, which can increase your productivity. When you feel good about yourself, you are more likely to be successful in all aspects of your life.


You can easily add some pizzazz to your uniform by adding some accessories. Although you will want to keep it simple during the workday, you can dress it up for social events or for a bit of variety. You can stock up on different style shoes in the right color or add a bright tie or scarf. Jewelry is also a nice touch when you are in the mood. The point is to limit the number of accessories you have so you don't end up with a closet full of choices once again. Even if your uniform is a t-shirt and jeans, a few colorful accessories can add a touch of style. 

Wearing the same uniform to work each day is actually a great idea and one that will simplify your life. You can look neat and appropriate while keeping your wardrobe to a comfortable and effective minimum. If your wardrobe overhaul includes stocking up on a few new staples, check out a company like Danza Vita.