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Trim-Down, Stand Straighter, And Feel Fit With Simple Yoga

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It is a known fact that yoga helps burn food for fuel, which can result in weight loss, especially for women over the age of 40. The beauty of yoga is that it can be done anytime, anywhere, and all you need is a mat or carpeted spot and some comfy clothes. Yoga is also attributed with providing spiritual motivation that can help you connect to your body and achieve other goals in your life, such as eating sensibly.

Some benefits of low-impact yoga, practiced for at least 30 minutes per week, include:

Weight loss.

A study completed by a group of physicians noticed that women that engaged in yoga once per week, for a half hour each time, lost an average of five pounds over a period of time, whereas those that didn't do yoga gained over ten pounds. This may not seem like the fast-track to dropping a lot of weight, but when paired with a healthful eating plan and other forms of exercise, yoga can inspire many to maintain their healthy habits and reach their fitness goals.

Core strength.

When you strengthen your body's core, you will find it easier to move around, and you may experience fewer aches and pains than without regular yoga routines. Establishing a strong core also helps with posture, making you stand a bit straighter, and many individuals report less back pain or fatigue at the end of the day. For instance, the beginner pose called "the willow" involves stretching toward the sky, and leaning over, back straight, toward the side, which can lengthen and straighten the spine.

Positive mindset.

When you first start out, don't attempt to do yoga in front of a bunch of mirrors; this will take the focus off of the spiritual side of the pose, and could become frustrating for beginners. Reinforce the experience with positive self-talk and affirmations for your efforts, and set a specific time each day for yoga to remain consistent and disciplined. Maintain motivation by treating yourself to a cute yoga outfits, like from San Francisco City Lights, or a new instructional DVD.

Yoga is a great way to improve the way you feel both physically and spiritually, providing a way to improve flexibility and core strength while also helping to achieve a sense of balance and calm. Check out the cute and comfortable yoga apparel found at sports and clothing retailers, and be sure to protect your back with a mat of some sort. Incorporate a half hour of yoga into your weekly schedule and enjoy the many benefits of this low-impact exercise regimen!