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Allow Your Child To Dazzle Responsibly—Preparing Your Daughter for Wearing an Ooh! La, La! Couture Gown

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Whether you're headed off to an exciting family party or a banquet designed to reward accomplishment and success, young girls love the chance to dress up and be fancy. Ooh! La, La! couture gowns are incredibly popular and offer your young daughter the ability to enjoy herself with style, elegance, and grace, but if she's never worn a fancy dress before, there are some things you should be sure to teach her.

Below, you'll find a guide to some things you should remind your daughter before she takes off for the evening in her couture gown. Having these conversations will guarantee that she gets to enjoy her night with minimal concern and will also allow you to feel just as proud and special as your daughter does.

Talk about Elegance

Even the most well behaved and mature children tend to get excited and rambunctious in the company of their peers. There's certainly nothing wrong with children running around and having fun, but an Ooh! La, La! couture gown may not be the best outfit for horseplay.

Make sure that you emphasize to your daughter that this is a special occasion that comes with a special dress and that she needs to be sure to treat it as such. Many young girls will jump at the opportunity to prove that they can be grown up and under control, allowing you to worry less that your daughter will damage the dress.

Talk about Modesty

High fashion requires paying constant attention to the clothing in order for it to be successfully worn. Small children typically have a great degree of contentment in their own skin and a disregard for their clothing, so it's important that they're reminded about what they may be revealing.

Having a conversation with your daughter about what it means to be ladylike and modest can help guarantee that she won't accidentally reveal anything embarrassing at a big event. Keeping everything covered will guarantee that she won't get any negative attention.

Talk about Pride

Ultimately, for most girls, the opportunity to wear an Ooh! La, La! couture gown represents success and accomplishment. Your daughter should be free to feel pride about her achievements and should embrace such a special occurrence. Make sure to take the time to emphasize how proud you are of her and the way she's growing up, and allow her dress to be a symbol of that maturity that she can embrace for many years to come.