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The Clothes Make The Baby: Infant Styles To Fit Your Family's Personality

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Have you ever heard the expression, "The clothes make the man"? It refers to the importance of dressing well in order to be considered attractive, but is that really necessary for babies? Your little bundle of joy is already adorable, so his or her clothes are really more of a reflection on you. With that in mind, here are some ideas for channeling your family's personality through your baby's duds.

Future Jedi

Many Star Wars fans take their passion very seriously, and start training their young Padawan learners very young. For this reason, baby Star Wars outfits are readily available. You can easily dress your infant in a R2-D2 onesie or a t-shirt printed with any number of Jedi knights, storm troopers, or princesses. Any of these adorable options are sure to make the statement that the force is strong with your little one.

Sports Fan

For families who take their sports teams seriously, some cool sports fan gear may be more appropriate for your little one. Remember that choosing a favorite team is a life-long commitment. In many families, you are born a Saints or Pirates fan, so why not let your baby represent at an early age? After all, that seems to be the approach that the Cleveland Cavaliers are taking.

Witty Baby

If sarcasm and whimsy are more your thing, there are cool baby t-shirts to suit your family's personality as well. Shirts with all kinds of clever sayings, snarky pictures, and political agendas are available on the market today. Just remember that the secret to being a truly great class clown is to keep it classy. Profanity is never cool around a baby, especially if he or she is wearing it.

Little Intellectual

If your baby comes from a long line of nerds, why not allow him or her to embrace it early in life. Pocket protectors and bow-ties are adorable on little ones. Who knows? Maybe if you allow your baby to start early enough, he or she will outgrow his or her awkward phase before he or she is out of diapers.


If your family is more likely to value individuality over a more collective approach, a personalized t-shirt may be more fitting for your baby. Not only can you choose a cute design that fits your personality, your baby can tell the world, "Hi, my name is Camden" or "Eleanor", or whatever his or her name may be.

No matter what your personality is, have fun letting your baby show it off. After all, that little person that you helped to make may even share some of your passions as he or she gets older.