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Questions About Maintaining Your Child's Rain Jacket Answered

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Keeping your child dry during a sudden rainstorm requires having the appropriate attire for the task. To this end, rain jackets for kids are an excellent solution for providing a way to keep the entire body dry. However, a nice rain jacket can be a sizable investment in your child's appearance, and many people want to make sure that these garments last as long as possible. Luckily, knowing the following couple of questions and answers can help provide you with the information you need to extend the usable life of your kid's favorite rain coat. 

Can You Restore Rain Jackets That Are Becoming Less Waterproof?

As the jacket ages, the coating that prevents moisture from seeping through the fabric may start to fade. This will cause the jacket to lose the ability to keep your child dry, but this does not have to mean that you need to replace it. It is usually possible to treat the fabric with a new water resistant coating.

These coatings can usually be purchased at department stores that sell high-end rain jackets. You will need to lay the jacket perfectly flat on the ground, and use a brush to apply the coating over the entire exterior of the jacket. After letting it dry for at least an entire day, it should be far more effective the next time you use it during a rainstorm. 

How Should You Wash Rain Jackets?

There will eventually come a time when it will be necessary to wash the jacket. Whether it is due to mud or other debris accumulating on it, washing a raincoat can be a somewhat risky endeavor. Many people will make the critical error of using traditional detergents to clean their jacket, and these chemicals are harsh enough to strip away the waterproof coating. 

To avoid causing this type of damage, you should only use dish soap to clean it, and you should make it a point to wash it by hand. When drying it, you should always hang it, and allow it to air dry to avoid weakening the waterproof exterior. This may increase the amount of time it takes you to clean this garment, but it will dramatically reduce the odds of accidentally ruining the jacket. 

Investing in a rain jacket may be the most effective way for your kid to stay dry during the next storm while still looking stylish. However, these garments are subjected to intense abuse, and it is important for you to understand these answers and questions to help keep the jacket looking its best for years to come.