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Tips For Choosing The Right Yoga Apparel

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Yoga is a great workout for people at all levels of fitness. Many people practice yoga as a way to tone their bodies as well as promote relaxation. If you have chosen to begin practicing yoga, it is important to choose the correct apparel for your workout routine. Before you go to the store and purchase the first pair of yoga pants you see, here are some tips for choosing the correct size and style to fit your needs.

Choosing the Right Size

Shopping for yoga clothes is unlike shopping for any other clothing you will wear throughout the day. Where many women feel compelled to hide their figure in loose fitting clothing, when doing yoga your clothing should be snug with your body. This will prevent your clothes from bunching up or getting in the way of many yoga poses. Imagine wearing a baggy t-shirt and trying to do Sarvangasana, the shoulder stand pose. You would get into the position only to fight to keep your shirt out of your face the entire time. This can cause you to lose your balance as well as your focus.

Which Color Works Best?

Yoga apparel comes in a variety of colors and the choice is ultimately yours. When choosing yoga apparel, you should consider where else you will be wearing these clothes. Many women have found that wearing their yoga clothes from the mat to work is easy as well as comfortable. To discreetly wear your yoga clothes to the office, you should choose neutral colors such as black, brown, or olive green. These neutral colored yoga pants can be paired with a complimentary long top and transformed into a business casual outfit.

Layers Are Important

When choosing what to wear to your yoga class, consider the space in which the class is held. Many yoga classes are held in a shared space such a gym that may have the air conditioner turned up for those working out. You don't want to be cold while trying to focus on your movements and breathing. To avoid this issue, you can pair your yoga clothing with a zip-up jacket as well as a knit shawl. While your shawl is there to keep you warm, you can also use it for the laying down positions.

Regardless of where you plan on wearing your yoga clothes, the most important thing to remember is to always be yourself. Choose colors, patterns, and fabrics that you like. Yoga is not about impressing those around you, but finding yourself and your inner peace. Keep this in mind as you look for yoga clothes from retailers like San Francisco City Lights