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3 Tips for Finding a Flattering Bathing Suit

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Once you find a cute bathing suit, you suddenly feel more confident laying out by the pool or playing in the ocean. Unfortunately, finding that suit that fits your body style the best can be the hard part. Not all styles work for all body types, so make sure you consider your size, shape, and best assets when deciding what bathing suit is going to flatter your figure.

Big and Small Chests

The size of your chest can make a dramatic difference in what bathing suits will suit your figure. If you have a big chest, but a smaller waist and bottom, you will need to choose a mix-and-match variety. This will include a different size top and different size bottom. For the most part, one-piece bathing suits are not the best choice when you have a big chest. You also want a top that is supportive, such as one with a built-in underwire. Avoid bandeau and triangle tops, as they offer no support.

For a small chest, you have a wider variety. You can wear just about any type of top, though bandeau and triangle tops are definitely better for you. You also have the option of wearing a one-piece, providing a larger variety. If you want to accentuate your chest size, you can get a padded bra top for your bikini top. Polka dots and bright patterns are also great for small-chested women.

Pear-Shaped Bodies

If you have a pear-shaped body, you are smaller on the top and larger on the bottom. For this body type, choose a two-piece swimsuit so you can control what size you get on the bottom. The top is completely up to you, depending on what you think works with a smaller chest. For the bottoms, you have a few options. First of all, you can choose a full-coverage bikini bottom that covers your bottom and hips, in a bright style that allows you to hide their size. You can also get a skirt on the bottom, which is a great option for accentuating your curves.

Athletic Bodies

With an athletic body, it can be hard finding a bathing suit that not only fits your unique build, but also has some femininity to it. The best bathing suits for you are bright, bold and colorful. Look for bathing suits that can show off your excellent figure you work hard for, but also provide color and style. A tankini with a color blocking style or stripes is a great example of a bathing suit for your body type.

When looking for a new bathing suit, remember to always try on multiple suits until you have found the one to complement your size, shape, and body type. There will be one that really stands out and makes you feel your best.