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Planning A Baby Shower? Ideas For The Games And Gifts

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If you are planning a baby shower for your friend or family member, you should do your best to make sure it is as perfect as it can be. Below are two ways you can get started, such as games to play at the shower, as well as the best gifts to give the mom to be.

Baby Shower Games

A baby shower is not a baby shower without some cute and fun games to play. One game is to play a decorate the "Onesie game." Purchase several white onesies and place them on tables. Place fabric paint, fabric markers. glitter, fabric glue, etc. on the table, and have everyone design a onesie. Have a few people vote for the one that is best, and give the winner a small gift.

Another game to play is the "Guess-the-Price" game. Put several small baby items in a basket, such as diaper wipes, diaper cream, baby powder, swaddling blankets, etc. Have each guest write down on a piece of paper what they think the basket of baby items is worth. Whoever gets closest to the retail price wins a small prize, and the mom to be gets the basket of goodies.

If the mom to be has not decided on the baby's name yet, the "Baby Name Game" can be helpful for her. Starting with the letter A have the first person say a name that starts with this letter, and then go to the next person and have him or her guess a name that starts with the letter B and so on. Each person has to come up with a name within five seconds or they are out of the game. Whoever is left at the end wins. This also gives the soon to be mother some ideas for the baby's name.


Before the baby shower, sit down with the mom to be and ask her what she needs most for her baby. For example, she may need baby clothes more than anything else. If not, she may need blankets, diapers, etc. Have her make a list of the most needed items at the top. Put this list with the baby shower invitation. This works much like a wedding registry, and the mother will receive gifts she really needs.

The mom to be will always remember her baby shower, so make sure you take time to plan it well. If there is an older sibling, make sure you ask everyone to bring a small gift for him or her so they feel included in everything.